we clean the air you breathe

On a mission

GreenPoint is striving towards a cleaner environment by offering advanced gas and vapour emission treatment solutions.

Proven technology

Processing vapors is challenging given the variety of vapors and their concentrations. Our solution converts vapor pollution into energy.

Flexible service

Mobile and stationary degassing hubs. Temporary or permanent. Starting up operations in Rotterdam and Amsterdam right now.

A rapidly unfolding timeline

The development of degassing regulations and solutions

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Degassing infographic
Infographic by SGVRE

What's at stake?

During transport of oil, gas and chemical products, vapors are created. As a result, vapors like benzene are released into the atmosphere. A lot of them, in our densely populated region.

2015 Legislative progress

First benzene degas prohibitions

Whilst the first German degas prohibitions date from 2012, Zuid-Holland and Noord-Brabant are the first Dutch provinces to ban open air degassing of carciogenic benzene.

June 16, 2016
A leap ahead

Don Quichot christened in Rotterdam

The Don Quichot is developed in cooperation with the Port of Rotterdam as the first dedicated floating degassing station. The Don Quichot will enable the Port of Rotterdam to fulfil their zero emission ambitions.

2017 Extending degassing prohibition

Noord-Holland, Utrecht and Gelderland follow

More provinces are adopting Zuid-Holland and Noord-Brabant's initiative by prohibiting open-air degassing. Main waterways like Maas, Rhine, Waal and IJssel are now covered by the prohibition, paving the way for alternative ways to process vapors.

2017 Starting up operations

GreenPoint Maritime Services established

While the Don Quichot is being vetted and tested, GreenPoint Maritime Services is founded. GreenPoint's is focusing to offer degassing services and vapor solutions in port areas.

July 2017 Atmospheric protection incorporated into the CDNI

Regulation taking major steps

Atmospheric protection will officially become the responsibility of polluters. The Dutch government will ratify the CDNI in 2020. From that point on, processing gaseous residues will become the responsibility of those owning or transporting these goods.

September 2018
Ready, set...

GreenPoint Amsterdam completed and starting up

In close cooperation with the Port of Amsterdam, Noordzeekanaal Environmental Service and MAIN, GreenPoint has been working towards a degassing centre in Amsterdam. The new degassing station has been completed and is starting up operations.

September 2018

Talks between GreenPoint and Rotterdam are advancing

What the future holds

Transitioning from nuisance to health issue
2018 Q2

GreenPoint Rotterdam and GreenPoint Shared Services established

2018 Q3

GreenPoint Amsterdam commence operations starting July

2018 Q3

GreenPoint Zeeland and GreenPoint Gelderland

2019 Q1

GreenPoint Rotterdam to commence operations